10 Years Ago: Films in Retrospective

What a difference a decade makes. We revisit a movie on the week of its tenth anniversary and talk cinema, politics, social issues, and our own lives over the past decade.


I have always believed the following: It’s one thing to view and judge a movie upon its original release date, but it’s quite another to revisit the same film after some time has passed. In this sense, several questions must be considered:

How has the film industry changed in ten years?

How has the culture changed in ten years?

Now that we are ten years older, how have we ourselves changed?

I have always considered rewatchability and sustainability to be absolutely key in a film’s power, so how does a film hold up after an entire decade has come and gone?

Join me in this project in which I re-examine the films of yore. I will hopefully get through one (in some form) each week. This project is meant to incite discussion, introspection and even some intellectual battles, and I want you hear from YOU.

This blog is also available for other people to come and guest-write. Do you have a favorite movie of 2001 that you want to revisit? Let me know.

Become a fan of the Facebook page if you want special bonus updates, such as mentions of other films from any given week, trailers, discussions and even bigger reaches back into the past, going all the way back 25 years.

(Special thanks to IMDb, ReelViews, BoxOfficeMojo and Wikipedia, for their information.)


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