New contributors CW (not to be confused with “The CW”) plow their stream-of-consciousness through the very Caucasian romantic comedy Leap Year, starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.


Hi!! CW (content warning) are here to give you the rundown on how we feel about Leap Year, an Irish-American romantic comedy that came out in 2010. We have included our stream-of-consciousness as we watched the movie below, along with significantly more coherent thoughts in paragraph form sprinkled throughout.

Disclaimer: We are people of color who can and will call out everything that seems off with people’s behavior in the movie.

Leap Year is a movie that can pretty much sum up the caucasity of white women in America. Looking back, C remembers cringing at the movie when it first came to theaters and watching it again as an older adult….Well, let’s just say, I’m glad we took edibles or else I doubt I would’ve gotten through it all. Amy Adams’ character Anna is 100% trash, which is made obvious when we see her in the opening scene at a local bar. The first thing she does is start wiping things down at the bar, and then her hands. This is the level of strangeness that comes from that white girl Rose in Get Out that eats Froot Loops individually and drinks milk afterward through a straw. Her elitist mindset is something that is pulled in throughout the entirety of the movie. We absolutely did not take Declan (Matthew Goode) or Anna seriously at all and cringed so hard at their obvious lack of chemistry on screen. All in all, the movie was deserving of a much lower score than it got on Rotten Tomatoes.

W: why is she wiping the bar and then her hands

I can’t take this seriously because of Kaitlin Olson (from It’s Always Sunny). All I can picture is her yelling “goddammit.”

Why tell people stuff you don’t know is true.

lmao before she opened it I was like omg they’re gonna be earrings
She really said “they’re earrings…for my ears”

The whole vibe leading up to Anna’s dinner with her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) has been clear that she expects him to propose. Yet from the initial scene, we know she’s going to be tragically disappointed in the most awkward way possible. Her face after realizing she’s received a gift of earrings is priceless, except for the fact she has this same expression for almost every mundane or absurd inconvenience she experiences. Technically, earring has the word “ring” in it? So maybe she should be grateful.

W: omg the Ireland leap year thing omg I can’t

Okay, you can also propose any other day!!!

The entire premise of the movie, that a woman would travel thousands of miles to propose to her boyfriend in a different country where once every four years it is “acceptable” for a woman to propose, is ludicrous. Not just by 2020 standards, but I’m pretty sure by 1990s standards too. When she thought up the idea, I was reminded of another movie He’s Just Not That Into You. If after 4-5 years, the subject of marriage hasn’t even come up, then I would take that as a sign to move on. Unless you somehow rationalized it in your head that he also was waiting for February 29th for you to pop the question.

C: who gets to wear the ring

if she has to buy her own ring…

You know what I hate, people who talk to you on planes

If you are like Anna and like to talk to people on planes, please reevaluate your life. No one gives a shit about what you have to say and they probably are waiting for you to stop talking so they can fall asleep.

“I’m not gonna die without getting engaged”

Because if you die, that’s what people will remember you by. The girl who didn’t even get engaged before she died. Insert eye roll and vomit emoji.

W: “but I’m on a schedule” – um what does that mean

why is she in heels

Okay, of course, she’s gonna fall in love with this dude with the maroon shirt


The whole journey to Ireland is just filled with so many obstacles to the point where it’s obvious the universe is saying NO. Anna, you’re not going to get married even if you’re the one proposing. The plot was too obvious. Made even more obvious by the movie posters. The dude in the maroon shirt that she meets at the pub is literally in the poster with her. We clearly know how this 100-minute movie is going to end. Slowly.

W: okay the Dublin hate is hilarious af

C: this bitch keeps asking for extra privileges

Anna is one of those people who thinks life will make an exception for her at every turn. Oh, there are no more planes? Well, what about for me ’cause “I’m on a schedule”? Just because you’re on a schedule doesn’t mean the weather is going to listen to you.

W: he said “women”
C: nah he really meant white women

W: yo she keeps talking shit
they really spit shaking!!!???!!

that’s not naked tho that’s clearly lingerie unless I’m missing something

how is her hair still like this

C: “do you mind” SHE WAS REALLY WAITING FOR HIM TO open the trunk
“it’s a Vuitton”

I don’t know where she gets the idea that she should have others do simple tasks for her. This movie often made me think we were in the 1920s with the way Anna’s character was acting. You are more than capable of opening the trunk of a car by yourself.

W: okay wtf why is she telling him about his culture

Caucasity!!! Triggered me to when a classmate tried to tell me I was pronouncing Nigeria wrong.

W: (actually yelling) SHE THREW THE SANDWICH

Is she talking to cows now? they don’t care

knew she was gonna walk in poop
Okay the car thing is crazy
“My purse is in there”
that’s all she can say???

The number of times that Anna showed how selfish and self-centered she can be leaves me questioning why they decided to write their characters this way. She’s the worst person to exist. How else could you explain Declan wanting to marry her after just three days of her constantly being a bitch? It’s no wonder her boyfriend didn’t propose.

W: lmao the van driving off is so funny, even after the dude was like don’t do it

 C: as soon as I saw two sketchass people I was like aaaand I’m good

 W: she said “I am calling a real taxi, you leave me alone”

lmao those are the same people who took her suitcase

 okay what makes her think she can just get her stuff back from three dudes bigger than her
“I’m calling the American embassy”

is it a movie about Irish people if there’s no fight

oh look she learned how to shut up

she said “that’s so typical you to think the worst of everyone”

C: you’ve known him for a DAY


The writers really did the absolutely most to make Anna the worst character. Amy Adams needs a better agent or manager because she was also in a movie that was 4% on Rotten Tomatoes (Serving Sara). How did she go from Enchanted (2007) and Julie & Julia (2009) to this absolute L? If she had to take the hit for money it might be understandable, but this is what we consider a career-limiting move.

okay she followed him, what’s her problem. doesn’t she have a bus to catch

 only married couples I’m cryinggggg

So we are in the 1920s. These people turned away a couple of travelers in the middle of a storm because they wanted to room together but weren’t married. God forbid it had been a married gay couple that asked for a room.

W: he said “Heads I win, tails you lose,” I don’t get it
C: “Heads I win, tails you lose”
W: I’m so confused. what. who wins
C: He wins every time
W: How???

After everything that Declan had to go through, I was proud of him for pulling one over on her. And honestly, she wasn’t smart enough to catch on until hours later so, in my opinion, she had it coming. This is said with 100% bias as I have made it very clear I don’t care for Anna as a character. To be fair though, W also didn’t get it even after I explained it to her…twice. The joke explained: He said heads I win which would imply that you have lost. And tails you lose meaning that he has won. So no matter the outcome, he would have won. The proper way to say it if you wanted a fair game would be “Heads, I win. Tails, you win.”

W: is he gonna snap it’s (the chicken) neck
yes lmaooooo

 The plate-swapping was so weird

Weird flex but okay, Anna. We understand that your job is staging homes so you’re basically an interior designer, but did you really need to go and try stage the table for dinner? If it were my home, I’d be kinda pissed if you put some random plants on my dining table.

“Always kiss like it’s the first time and the last time.” “Show us old ones how it’s done.”

C: after they kissed she was like come back and he was like this is a show

 nah she wanted him in there (in the bed)
(o_O) her nightslip

 “if it’s all about money for you then 675 it is” you’re the one who did that

This entire arrangement between Declan and Anna was about money. But the moment that Anna starts having feelings she what, expects him to sleep with her and escort her on her journey to propose to her boyfriend?? Yeah, no.

W: did she even call her man

old dude thinks they fucked

 C: she said, “You have all these random opinions and bad attitude.” that’s literally Anna

Knowing she needed to go to Dublin the homeowner didn’t wake her so she could go with his wife. Probably ’cause the wife sensed she was a bitch.

C: it’s a Sunday and the wife of the train person took the car for Dublin. knowing that Anna is trying to get to Dublin

The priest said “sit down”

 W: Anna said “I’m better after a couple martinis” lmao

 C: who says forget about it when you left an imprint in their face

 W: she’s truly cursed

The fact they barged into a church in the middle of a wedding ceremony AND were last-minute guests à la the priest is another example of white privilege. If any person of color did that, they’d get kicked out or assumed to be out of place.

The other day, my friend and his family went to a Vietnamese festival in an expo center. They noticed there was a flea market happening in a neighboring building so they went to check it out. As they were about to enter the flea market, this white couple leaving literally stopped them saying: “That building, you want that building,” gesturing towards the Vietnamese festival. My friend and their family were so baffled because they were trying to get into the flea market and this couple was stopping them. It took multiple repeats of the white couple doing the exact same thing until my friend finally understood what was happening. The white couple assumed that because this group of people are Asian, they must want that Asian festival. My friend ended up finally saying, “Yeah we got the right building.”

Film Title: Leap Year

C: she wanted to see him long for her

W: “I am paying you to bring me to Dublin” does she just need him for muscle?
C: And a pillow – it’s hard to get a warm portable pillow you know

okay she keeps asking for extra


it’s all on camera?????

okay she needs to run off

maybe he’s gonna get his ring???

Imagine how great it would have been if both Declan and he proposed and then had to fight for her. It would’ve been a great chance to turn this around and maybe make it an action film where they have a series of competitions to see who is worthy of her love. At least something less boring and predictable than Declan exiting stage right without a word. It could’ve added a little spice and flavor to this dry ass movie.

they got married to get the apartment I literally cannot
this is so cursed

 she did the fire alarm test and I can’t with the dude grabbing valuables and his laptop it’s so lameeee because he didn’t post the proposal on fb

Maybe asking him the question would’ve been a better idea than actually pulling the fire alarm. No need to inconvenience all of your guests and the other residents in your building. This shows your caucasity and privilege ’cause a POC likely would’ve been in trouble for falsely pulling the fire alarm. Well, assuming they were even allowed to live in that apartment.

W: dry chicken??? damn he walked away

C: she said “I guess that’s an ‘Irish No,’” it’s a normal no

Anna continues to talk about the Irish way to actual Irish people. If that were really how things were done, do you think they would need you telling them that? Some actions translate the same in the United States. I’m pretty sure no is the same in any country.

W: okay she’s at the edge of the cliff
is this why it’s called leap year

It would’ve been a more understandable ended if she leaped off the cliff. The guy you wanted for years only proposed to get an apartment deal. And you threw all of that away, dream guy and dream apartment, for another guy who also doesn’t really want you.

C: he didn’t say anything

C: you knew her for three days. it didn’t have to end with a wedding…or an engagement…

Declan somehow found this obnoxiously arrogant and spoiled woman charming enough to propose after spending an entire three days together. Kinda jumping the gun but maybe that’s the “Irish way.”


W: damn she didn’t even pay him

C: music track was weak

With its sad soundtrack (seriously couldn’t recall a single song that played during the movie), horrible plot, and weak writing, this is definitely one you can and should skip. After seeing it twice, I wish I could get my three hours and 20 minutes back. P.S. the movie didn’t even come out on a leap year. ( ̄ヘ ̄;). Let us hope that a movie this bad only comes out every four years.

W: I’m confused that that was a comedy
C: It’s a romantic comedy
W: How? Was that supposed to be funny?